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Direct Mail To Customers

A turnkey service so you don’t have to do anything like going to the post office or buying stamps or buying addresses per zip code/routes. Depending on the number  of mailers, paper size and quality, the cost varies. We will be glad to provide you a quote if you decide to use this service.

The price/customer reached includes all the following: 

  • (Included) Graphic design fee (Typically $150)
  • (Included) Printing all the mailers (A typical printshop charges about $0.65 per card depending on the count, color, size)
  • (Included) Determining zip codes, routes and addresses to mail – This is the time consuming part that we have to iterate with every order on monthly basis. We purchase this data for addresses within a zip code that you want to advertise. We also get the demographics data such as residential vs. business address, average household income, etc.)
  • (Included) Mailing & Postage Fee (postage is the bulk of your cost). The cost of a first class stamp keeps going up but we mail in bulk to lower your cost.
  • (Included) Shipping fee to post office (we will print and ship all the material to the post office for mailing)
  • (Included) Various size and weight of the paper. (may cost more for very large mailers)
  • (Included) Full Color front and back or gray scale back, etc.
  • (Included) High Gloss UV Coating Front & Back

Some Examples of
Horizontal cards

Some Example of
Vertical cards